A little bit about me...

Kalpana's goal as a realtor is to help her clients achieve their goal of buying their dream home.

A family’s home is everything and is the highest value purchase asset they will have. It may also be one of the best investments they have made. Owning real estate is important. As a devoted agent, she puts her client's interests ahead of everything. Her top concern is for the success and satisfaction of her clients. Knowing that she's been able to help a couple purchase their first home or a family their first vacation home in the hills or maybe a client looking for the ultimate bachelor pad - helping clients reach their goals is what it’s all about. She hopes to be a trusted advisor and positive force in her client's lives and in this shared community. This is what truly drives Kalpana.

Kalpana's first priority as a realtor is client satisfaction. Providing clients with the best service not only involves being an expert in the housing market but also having patience and being a good listener. Building trust and earning the respect of her clients is very important to her.

There are many reasons why she chose to be a part of the PropertySourced team! Words cannot express her enthusiasm for this organization. Paul’s professionalism represented by 20 years of solid real estate experience is inspiring. Paul is a true coach and mentor. Kalpana finds herself able to grow as an Agent and build knowledge and discipline by being a part of Paul’s organization. Knowing that being on Paul’s team will help her meet the demands and high standards of our profession and deliver the utmost service to her clients.